In Plain Sight: Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict


In Plain Sight offers a much-needed contribution to our understanding of the intersections of war and sexual violence in interdisciplinary and global perspective.

Michelle Lynn Kahn, University of Richmond

In Plain Sight presents a kaleidoscope of conceptual and methodological approaches. It does not privilege the empirical over the narrative, or social science/history/law over literature. It is a worthy testament to the community of inter- and transdisciplinary scholars.

Mindy Roseman, Yale Law School


In the mid 1970s, at the peak of the women’s movement, feminist activism and research opened the door to questions that are still pressing today. While sexual violence has gained public awareness and become a subject in academic debate, national and international politics, efforts to understand and strategies to prevent this form of violence remain inadequate. Who are the perpetrators? How is sexual violence tied to other forms of violence? What are the consequences for individual victims and societies?

Compiled by the International Research Group ‘Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’ (SVAC), this volume takes an interdisciplinary approach. Its enquiry employs four key relationships: War/Power, Violence/Sexuality, Gender/Engendering and Visibility/Invisibility. Through these, the authors aim to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of sexual violence in armed conflict.

For more information, see the Table of Contents.

Editors: Gaby Zipfel, Regina Mühlhäuser, and Kirsten Campbell

Zubaan Academic, New Delhi 2019, ISBN 978 93 85932 81 6. Distributed via Zubaan Books and Chicago University Press  (34EUR, 35USD, 850INR). Also available as ebook/Kindle edition.

Book Presentations

4 November 2019, Keynes Library, Birkbeck College, London, England

31 October 2019, Kulturetage Altona, Hamburg, Germany

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