Selected Bibliography »Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict«

This collection stores about 2.500 books, articles and selected NGO reports, mainly in English and, to a much lesser extent, in German. The publications range from the late 1970s to the present and cover a variety of approaches and disciplines. In addition, the collection reflects the foci of SVAC.

The bibliographic information of all titles can be searched for in the SVAC-catalogue. Many articles and a number of e-books can be accessed online. Copies of most of the publications are available at the Library of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.

In order to undertake a successfull search, it might be helpful for you to read this Manual that explains the different features of the catalogue. Since the catalogue is designed in German, this manual might also be a translation aid.



The establishment and continuous update of the »Selected Bibliography ›Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict‹« is the result of cooperation between the Working Group »War and Gender« at the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Culture and the Library of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.